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Mobile Testing Made Easy

Mobile Testing Made Easy

mo:Test - Lateral Flow Reader

Discover how our mo:Test reader enhances user experience while generating perfect data from your testings

The mo:Test reader is especially designed for quantitative analysis of lateral flow tests.

mo:Test is the ideal test device for:

  • single and multiplexed tests
  • different numbers of parameters
  • automatic interpretation of marker panels
  • reliable documentation
  • storage of raw data and results

Operator subjectivity is replaced by objective Customizable thresholds can be with assay specific evaluation logic for intended application.

On-system storage and internal power supply self sustained operation, e.g. for field or emergency applications.

The system has shirt pocket portability. A wide of protocols and interfaces including Bluetooth, web or email is available. This efficient result distribution and transfer to external data storage or processing.

Interfacing with a wide range of smart phone and applications this system enables quick of results and supports inter- and intrateam communication.

For detailed information, please download our product flyer below.