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Data analysis

Data analysis

Data Analysis Services

MicroDiscovery is providing comprehensive bioinformatics and biostatistics data analysis services. Individual analysis tasks are defined in close collaboration wiht your researchers and our experts. Data analayis is performed within a controlled budget. Results are delivered in foavoured formats and are presented and explicated personally.

MicroDiscovery has created efficient data analysis pipelines with SOPS for data quality control, proprietary methods for data normalization and established powerful classification methods and data integration schemes for a wide range of data sources and data types.

Example projects include:

  • Pathway based differential analysis, e.g. for understanding different adverse reactions in drug variants,
  • Identification of biological processes and pathways involved in metabolisation of active pharmaceutical ingredients,
  • Classification and prediction of receptor response for different classes of drugs,
  • Validation of biological functions of genes and their corresponding gene products,
  • Analysis of clinical and biomedical data for marker identification and validation,
  • Cross species prediction models based on cell culture and animal models.