Over the years we have successfully completed a number of demanding, custom tailored software projects. Our main expertise lies in the development of high-quality software in the fields of health care, in vitro diagnostics and medical applications. We have in-depth knowledge of the relevant international regulations like ISO 13485 and IEC 62304. Our modular development process allows an optimal balance between compliance with the regulations and a rapid achievement of software functionalities. Depending on the customer needs we realize the software as Web, Desktop or Mobile applications.

Web Applications

Advanced web applications pose many challenges, in particular regarding usability, reliability, and security. Our web applications are characterized by high-performing frontends with a well balanced user experience. Buildung on latest technologies and relevant regulations, backends are designed for secure data storage and transmission.

We rely on thorough collection of use cases and requirements prior to implementation. Yet, our iterative methodology gives us enough flexibility to accomodate change during development. On the technical side we employ the Vue-framework for web frontends and Spring Boot for backend functionality.

Mobile Applications

Mobile devices and apps play an increasingly important role in IT solutions. In the course of this trend we are specialized in customized mobile diagnostic apps.

These apps may be connected to other systems or databases via TCP/IP, Bluetooth or NFC. In close interaction with you and if possible the key users, we design specific mobile user interfaces.

Four years ago we started the mo:Test project resulting in a smart device that allows to quantify biochemical rapid tests. The system is now marketed as an in vitro diagnostic product.

Desktop Applications

We developed a variety of desktop applications for regular desktop PCs and for industrial panel PC as kiosk application.

These applications ranged from data management and data monitoring to device control functionality. Device control has been realized via multiple different technologies like TCP/IP, serial communication (USB or RS232) or Bluetooth.

In close interaction with you, we implement your individual concept into a reliable and fast software solution.

Medical Data Exchange

According to your specific application, we develop software modules to interact with peripheral devices as well as with external software systems such as LIMS, RIS/PACS etc. by programming the appropriate interfaces. If required, we implement the common medical data transfer protocols HL7, DICOM or xDT (e.g. GDT, LDT).


Based on our experience in exploring data from different medical sources, we offer you outstanding algorithms for the analysis and processing of sensor, image, text and voice data. Beside from state-of-the-art multivariate analysis we employ advanced tools in machine learning and artificial intelligence. See our data mining section for a few examples of results generated using our custom made algorithms and visualizations.

Life Cycle Management

We have experience in the development of medical software applications including implementation and documentation according to the European standards ISO 13485, ISO 14971, IEC 62366 and IEC 62304.

Our development infrastructure includes advanced means for the entire software life cycle management such as:

  • a tool for managing requirements and user stories
  • a tool for maintenance of documentation
  • a build system continuous integration and delivery
  • a tracking system for support and maintenance

Our methodology ensures to consider important aspects prior the implementation such as proven concepts for

  • Handling of failure situations and propagation to the user and the log file
  • Secure and reliable data exchange
  • Optimal performance
  • Update delivery and data migration
  • Backup

We cover the entire life cycle of your software product:

  • Management of requirements and use cases
  • Concept and design and architecture
  • Implementation
  • Automatic testing (unit tests, GUI tests and stress tests)
  • Documentation
  • Release management and continuous delivery
  • Support & maintenance