Your device development may benefit from different of our software modules, which can be tailored to your requirements, such as:

  • User Interfaces/GUI
  • System Control
  • Data Management
  • Data Processing
  • Connectivity
  • External Interfaces

Our particular expertise lies in the customer-oriented development in the fields of health care, in vitro diagnostics and medical devices. We have in-depth knowledge of the relevant international regulations. Our development is conform with the processes defined in ISO 13485, ISO 14971, ISO 62366 and create ISO 62304-compliant software and documentation.

User Interfaces

We develop and design user interfaces according to customer preferences, thus turning your products and services into a holistic user experience. In close interaction with you, we implement your individual concept into a reliable software solution.

System Control

We ensure your software system to become fast and stable in its entirety having all components from hardware and software seemlessly working together.

Data Management

Our customized software modules for data management provide high performance and flexibility while ensuring security and integrity through the whole process of data generation, processing and storage.

Data Processing

Based on our large experience in exploring data from different medical sources, we offer you the most oustanding algorithm for the analysis of any data including sensor, image, text, language and voice processing. Beside from state of the art multivariate analysis we employ advanced tools in machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Medical devices are increasingly made to transmit data to other devices and/or networks outside the local environment. To accomplish this, we integrate modules for connectivity such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.

External Interfaces

According to your specific application, we are also developing software modules to interact with peripheral devices as well as with external software systems such as LIMS, RIS/PACS etc. by programming the appropriate interfaces.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Apps play an integral role in software application. We develop customized apps for Android devices.